World Class High Quality Products
We are providing high quality, affordable Ayurvedic medicines & herbal products trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across geographies.
More Than One Billion Satisfied Customers
Product results has already gathered a database of more than 1 billion satisfied customers in India and this figure shows a remarkable growth with every new day.
India’s Leading Brand Among All
We have developed & launched Cow Colostrum capsules i.e. ImmuRich in 2008, which was first time in India, it has become India’s leading brand amongst all health care products.
100% Organic Agriculture Products
The Company has stepped into Organic agriculture products & now marketing its 7 Organic Farming products with a huge success rate across India with the banner of RPS.
Any Time Any Where Delivery
We take care of our customer to deliver products in time at their doorstep as early as possible so customer can get products in time.
Clean & Safe
Our policy "Customer Safety First" we take care of our valuable customers and keep our products clean and safe.
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