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A healthy digestive system is essential for good health and vitality. If your digestion gets upset then it can throw your whole system out of balance

Ayurveda believes that an imbalanced digestive system is the root cause of most disease.

Much of Ayurveda’s recommendations focus on keeping your digestion strong. It understands digestion as a combustive process and relates it to a fire recommending that you gently stoke the fire with light meals that are gently cooked, just as you would feed a fire with easily ‘burnable’ wood. It is important to try not to smother your digestive fire with excess amounts of cold, heavy, wet foods or aggravate it with too much spicy, oily or fried foods. If the fire is over burdened it creates too much gassy ‘smoke’ or just goes out all together. If it is not fed regularly enough it just burns itself out.

So the research team of Dhanwantari developed a unique formula to enhance the digestive System Cap. ZYMORICH

  • 1. Gaupeeyush
  • 2. Trikatu
  • 3. Dadim
  • 4. Bramhi
  • 5. Musta
  • 6. Vidarikanda
  • 7. Ashwagandha
  • 8. Vidanga
  • 1. Adult : 2 cap. 2 times after food with water
  • 2. IBS patients : 2-3 cap. 3 times after food with water
  • 3. Children(Above 10 year) : 1-2 cap. 2 times after food with water