Neuro Rich Capsules

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Human brain is three times larger & is being used more efficiently as compared to other animals. It makes us more intelligent amongst all mammals. The human brain is the center of human nervous system & is a highly complex organ. It is well protected in cerebral cortex, a convoluted layer of neural tissue. The brain monitors & regulates the body’s actions & reactions. With chemical reactions & electromagnetic transmission, it continuously receives sensory information, rapidly analyzes this data & then responds.


1. Intractable Epilepsy
2. Traumatic Brain Injuries
3. Cerebral Palsy
4. Depression Insomnia
5. Facial Palsy

Causes of Brain Disorders
1. Congenital
2. Traumatic
3. Infective
4. Neoplastic
5. Hypertension
6. Alcohol & Smoking
7. Stress , Anxiety, Depression
8. Old Age