ImmuRich Immunity Booster

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900 / Bottle
Ayurveda since its very inception taught us all the importance of internal healing and fitness. The COVID-19 pandemic re-confirmed the same notion. The first and the very foremost precaution that came into limelight was to shield our immunity. We at Darsh Health Care, cater to many such ayurvedic products that not only contribute to your daily health but result in holistic health and well-being.
Our immune booster capsules – Immurich a day keeps all your illnesses away. This very immunity capsule is made up of colostrum which is a mammary secretion of mammals that contribute to the growth and development of an infant’s immune system. Have ever wondered why?Research says that the colostrum is rich in certain antibodies that shield one’s immunity and hence the body. This Ayurvedic Immunity Capsule – Immurich is 100% natural and has numerous benefits viz.
Strengthens the immune system
Fights viruses, bacteria and parasites
Rejuvenates body and mind
Assists athletes build lean muscle and help with recovery
Boosts energy
Helps relieve chronic pain
Combats the effect of aging joints
Assists prevention of diseases.
Let’s pledge to keep our body safe, healthy and fit the Ayurveda way with products
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